November 2009 Pinoy Playdate

November 20, 2009

Topic: Christmas in the Philippines
When: Nov 20th (Friday), 10 AM
Where: Schauder Home (Sterling)
Format: 3 hours

1. Opening Prayer
2. The Belen/ Christmas Story
3. Doing the “Mano Po”
4. Hanging of the Parol in the Christmas Tree
5. Pork Menudo cooking demo by Mrs. Betty Chua
6. Eat Lunch (Pork Menudo, Pancit Canton, Pandesal, Cookies and Hot Chocolate)


September 2009 Pinoy Playdate

September 25, 2009


Topic:  Mga Larong Pilipino 
When:  September 25th (Friday), 10:00 AM
Where:  At Play Cafe (Reston, VA)
Format: 2 hours

1. Opening Prayer (Humayo’t Ihayag)
2. The Filipino Alphabet & Counting in Tagalog
3. Filipino Games (Sawsaw Suka)
4. Lunch


Humayo’t ihayag (Purihin Siya!)
At ating ibunyag (Awitan Siya!)
Pagliligtas ng Diyos na sa krus ni Hesus
Ang Siyang sa mundo’y tumubos

Langit at lupa, Siya’y papurihan
Araw at tala, Siya’y parangalan
Ating ‘pagdiwang pag-ibig ng Diyos sa tanan

Halina’t sumayaw (Buong bayan!)
Lukso sabay sigaw (Sanlibutan!)
Ang ngalan Niyang angkin singningning ng bituin
Liwanag ng Diyos sumaatin (KORO)

At isigaw sa lahat
Kalinga Niya’y wagas
Kayong dukha’t salat
Pag-ibig Niya sa inyo ay tapat


Go forth and proclaim (Praise Him!)
And let us reveal (Sing to Him!)
God’s salvation on the cross of Christ
Who redeemed the world

Heaven and earth, praise Him
Sun and stars, glorify Him
Let us celebrate God’s love for everyone

Come let’s dance (The whole nation!)
Jump and shout (The universe!)
The name He owns is as bright as a star
God’s light is with us (CHORUS)

And shout it to everyone
His love is pure
You who are poor and needy
His love for you is steadfast

August 2009 Pinoy Playdate

August 29, 2009


Topic:  Tour of the Philippine Embassy 
When:  August 28th (Friday), 10:00 AM
Where:  Philippine Embassy (Washington, DC)
Format: 3 hours

1. Tour of the embassy by Consul Robert Borje of the Cultural Section of the Philippine Embassy
2. Presentation on an on-going project for poor girls in Cebu, Philippines by Sr. Ma. Gliceria Cruz, Immaculate Mary Queen of Heaven Missionaries
3. Video presentation on Philippine Tourism by Consul Robert Borje
4. Lunch

July 2009 Pinoy Playdate

July 31, 2009


Topic:  Philippine Plants and Vegetables 
When:  July 31st (Friday), 9:30 AM
Where:  At Play Cafe (Reston, VA)
Format: 3 hours

(Click on the links to view the YouTube videos)

1. Start with Prayer in Tagalog
2. Previously Leaned Filipino Songs (from previous session)
3. Watch an Video of Counting in Tagalog
4. Watch a Video of Bahay Kubo and a Commercial on Vegetables
5. Reading a Filipino Short Story:  Ang Kamatis ni Peles
7. Open Play at the Gym
8. Eat Lunch

June 2009 Pinoy Playdate

June 14, 2009


Topic:  Philippine Independence Day Celebration
When:  June 13th (Saturday), 10 AM
Where:  Fitzgerald Home (Sterling)
Format: 3 hours

1. Start with Prayer in Tagalog
2. Previously Leaned Filipino Songs (from previous session)
3. Counting in Tagalog
4. Reading a Filipino Short Story
5. Close with a Prayer
7. Eat Lunch
8. Open Outdoor Play

2009 Pinoy Playdate Topics

March 25, 2009

May 2009: Fiesta (Pabitin, Mga Kulay)

June 2009: Independence Day Parade and Embassy Visit

July 2009: Philippine Fruits & Vegetables (Bahay Kubo, A-Z Pagkain)

August 2009: Mga Hayop (Franklin Farm Visit, Outdoor Games)

September 2009: Kusina (Cooking Demo)

October 2009: The Rosary (Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Antipolo, Count 1-10)

November 2009: Pasko (Kris Kringle)

Anthony Bourdain’s Blog on Cebu Lechon

March 9, 2009

The Heirarchy of Pork, by Anthony Bourdain

“It can now be said that of all the whole roasted pigs I’ve had all over the world, the slow roasted lechon I had on Cebu was the best. This puts the standings in the Hierarchy of Pork as follows:
#1. Philippines, #2. Bali, #3. Puerto Rico…”
– Anthony Bourdain