How can help my child learn Tagalog/Ilonggo/Bisaya?

Speak Tagalog more often to him/her

– If you don’t know where to begin, list down the Tagalog words he already knows

– Make a goal of adding at least one more Tagalog word per week (see examples)

– Use that same word in place of its English equivalent as much as possible (Using both words can sometimes be confusing when you are introducing the new Tagalog word)

– Try to get your husband to use that new Tagalog word too

– If your child is not used to being spoken to in Tagalog and you can speak it fluently, you can use Taglish (a mix of Tagalog and English) to transition your child into getting accustomed to hearing Tagalog words from you (and perhaps to get yourself used to speaking Tagalog again)

– The sooner you can speak to your child in full Tagalog sentences, the faster he will learn it.  Don’t be afraid to use up all the Filipino you’ve got even if think they won’t understand everything.  From ages 0-5 they will pick up foreign words they are constantly exposed to much faster than adults will.

– After one month, make a new list of Tagalog words he’s acquired to chart progress

bookfilipinofriendsRead Tagalog books out loud/ Sing Tagalog songs

 – Use a book/text that you can read/sing to him.  Use that same text regularly
(daily or every other day)

Come to the Pinoy Playdate once a month!



By Mommy Nicky (Sterling, VA)


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