October 2008 Pinoy Playdate


Topic: Philippine Costumes
When: Oct 24th (Friday and every last Friday of the month), 10 AM
Where: Cook Home (Fairfax)
Format: 1 hour

1.  Start with Prayer in Tagalog
2.  Previously Leaned Filipino Song (from previous session)
3.  New Filipino Song (Sampung Mga Daliri)
4.  Read a short Filipino story about Philippine Costumes
5.  Go up/down the stairs counting in Tagalog
6.  Close with Prayer
7.  Eat Merienda/Lunch

Here are a few links for samples of Philippine Costumes.   No need to buy anything, I have a few Philippine textiles which I can simply attach to your little ones if you can’t think of anything for them to wear.  Just let me know ok?  Of course we shall end with a picture-taking of all our kiddies in Pinoy gear.    

For Singkil Costumes and dance click onto

For different kinds of costumes and dances click onto

For simple boys costumes (camisa de chino)

For simpler girls costumes  (just add a panuelo on the shoulder)



Sampung mga daliri, kamay at paa
Dalawang mata, dalawang tainga,
Ilong na maganda

Maliliit na ngipin, masarap kumain
Dilang maliit, nagsasabing 
Huwag magsinungaling


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