“Pinoy ka ‘no?”

We are a group of moms in the US most of whose children have Filipino heritage who meet once a month for exposure to Philippine culture.

Philippine culture encompasses language, music & literature, beautiful native traditions, an innate piety and food. Several aspects of these can be easily woven into daily life in America and can help enrich any child or adult’s life.

Our monthly meetings, or playdates, gives moms tips on how to integrate aspects of Philippine culture into every day living primarily so that the Fil-Am child’s cultural identity is made more comprehensive. It is also a beautiful way of enriching any child’s knowledge of the world.

We encourage learning Tagalog or more officially, Filipino, the national language of the Philippines. All Philippine nationals by law are required to learn Tagalog in schools. However culturally, in certain regions of the Philippines, other languages such as Bisaya, Illonggo, Ilocano etc. are used more often than the national language. It is important for moms to pass on whatever regional language or even regional culture they know best to their children.

Tagalog will be used primarily during the playdates but when time/resources permit, moms who can are encouraged to promote their own regional languages for the benefit of all during a playdate.


Dear Pinoy Playdate Moms, 

Thanks for coming to the Pinoy Playdate! I have organized this monthly gathering in my desire to promote Philippine culture to Fil-Am families in the US in a relaxed yet educational environment.

Currently, I am working on my Masters Degree with a Concentration in Linguistics at George Mason University in order to better design a course of studies for young children in the US wishing to learn Tagalog.  

The Pinoy Playdate started in May 2008 with a few Fil-Am moms in the Northern VA area. Although there are planned themed topics for this year I still wish for the playdate to grow organically according to the needs of the attendees. I would like to know first-hand why such cultural exposure is necessary and how many families in this area would be interested in these meetings.

At least for 2008, I hope that the group will grow by word of mouth with me learning as much from you as hopefully you are from the playdate. While monthly attendance is not required and there is no fee for these classes, I hope that each meeting will inspire moms with ideas to promote Philippine culture in their own homes and make them want to come back each month. I believe that regular attendance will be especially beneficial in Tagalog language acquisition.

If you should have any suggestions, questions or comments, I encourage you to contact me. Also, kindly let me know if you are coming to the meetings each month so I can prepare the necessary materials accordingly.

Maraming Salamat at Mabuhay!

Nicole Schauder (Sterling, VA)


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