Mommy Organizers


2Nicky Schauder

Pinoy Playdate organizer and Tagalog instructor, Nicky is mommy to Zoe and Ethan. She and husband Dave live in Virginia.

Nicky moved states-side in 2003 where she worked as the Program Director for the Youth Leadership Foundation in Washington DC.  She graduated cum laude with a BA degree in Journalism at the University of the Philippines.  She is currently working on her Masters Degree in English with a concentration in Linguistics at George Mason University.

5Cielo Ly-Tembrina

Mommy to Joseph and husband to Michael, Cielo loves cooking, nature and doing volunteer work.

Cielo has been living and working in the US since she graduated with a degree in Nursing at St. Paul University in 1997.  She is currently a part-time Registered Nurse at the Critical Care Unit in one of the private hospitals in Northern Virginia.  


n612656128_1688824_8295Mara Sebastian-Marzan

Mara is currently a full-time mama to Alex. She and Rex have been living in the United States since 2003, first in New York and now in the Metro DC area.

Mara worked for almost 9 years as a Marketing Professional at Ogilvy Worldwide in Manila and New York. For a couple of years, she was also a Part-time Professor of Marketing at the Ateneo de Manila University, her alma mater, where she graduated in 1998 with a BS degree in Management Engineering.


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